Relax, Don't Worry, Have a Homebrew     —Charlie Papazian
Welcome to my page dedicated to homebrewing. I started out (like many folks) with a Mr. Beer kit in my kitchen. After several batches that, no matter the recipe, all seemed to taste like a poorly made Hefeweizen (lots of banana notes), I decided to step up to 5 gallon extract batches using a plastic bucket. Once a few of these turned out much better (I was fortunate), I realized I was in for the long haul and decided to make the switch to all-grain fairly rapidly (many thanks to Denny Conn, whose website discusses the simplicity of batch sparging and made the transition painless). Also, because kegging is easier than bottling, I made the transition to kegging about the same time. Now, my system has morphed into a series of three converted kegs that incorporates a RIMS system and enables me to brew 10 gallon batches.

A few of my Homebrewing Adventures
To the left of this page, you'll find links describing some of my homebrewing adventures thus far that I tried to carefully document and share. If for no other reason, it may be helpful to see what I did and incorporate elements/styles that work in your situation. Given that most of homebrewing is improvisation (unless you're one of the lucky folks who are proud owners of B3 or Sabco systems), modifications are almost certainly necessary for any application. When planning each project, I found it helpful to surf the web and see what others have done (thanks to those of you who share your homebrewing experiences) and thus, I'd like to return the favor. Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions or to tell me I've done something horribly wrong. Cheers!